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tory burch reva flats sale

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Super Bowl Sunday isn't just about edgy newcommercials and the yummiest snacks this side of Mom's kitchen.Super Bowl Sunday involves some playing of actual football. Andyes, this season's football match-ups were some of the most viewedin history. Thanks to HDTV, many more fans are experiencing newrealism in playing field action.

But if being on the field with Favre in HD wasn't enough, thisquarterback is just one player that generated lots of "color" lastyear. Being privy to the pains and pleasures of one of the oldestplayers on the gridiron, 41-year-old Brett Favre's injuries andscandal-filled season kept "infotainment" folks blathering formonths.

I have to admit, I liked football better before we knew quite somuch about the various antics of some of the players. I think JoeNamath might be to blame for all this "TMI." When "Broadway Joe"showed up in pantyhose commercials a few years after his Jets tookSuper Bowl III to the record books in a magnificent upset of theColts, the handwriting was on the wall.

Fast forward a couple of decades when a beloved football playerbecame the most reviled man in the country. Who can forget thatJune evening in 1994, when law enforcement officers, not to mentionnews helicopters, chased O.J. Simpson's white Bronco down the 710freeway in Southern California? The gruesome trial that followedSimpson's subsequent arrest summarily pulled the Astroturf out fromunder O.J., and a man with a great football past and budding careerin movies went down in flames. And no, he wasn't that great anactor. But still.

Football is a tough game with more than its share of horrificinjuries, so I suppose it goes with the territory that many playerswill never be mistaken for Goody-Two-Shoes. Hefty fines for playingrough are netted out for the more serious infractions. This season,Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison was fined four times and atotal 5,000 for cracking helmets with other players. With theSteelers in the Super Bowl, I wonder if Harrison will be any calmeron the field.

The craziest turn of events this season was the comeback ofMichael Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. After spending19 months in prison, Vick came back to lead his team to theplayoffs. I would call that some pretty remarkable rehab. I'm gladwe live in a country where second chances do exist although, sadly,success stories like Vick's happen all too infrequently.

Regardless of Sunday's final outcome, my greatest Super Bowlquandary will be how to keep those snacks coming without missingeither the winning touchdown OR the year's best commercial. I mean,how would you like to be the poor sap last year putting the finaldollop of sour cream on the "Fireball Nachos Nirvana" when thathysterical commercial aired featuring Leno, Letterman and Oprahschmoozing on the couch at the height of the Leno/Conan O'Briendebacle? Yeah, the poor sap missing that ad last year was me, and Ihad to catch the 47,000 reruns of the commercial on other programsto see this genius spot for myself.

Sometimes the game boils down to what kind of TV to watch it onand – hey! These days you don't even have to watch TV on a TV. Withsmart phones, laptops and the like, you certainly needn't be naileddown in the couch potato position come Super Bowl Sunday. For all Iknow, Super Bowl fans can tune in live coverage via the fillings intheir teeth.

But if you prefer a more traditional approach to your viewing,there's no shortage of choices to be found when it comes toselecting a TV for the big game. If your motto is "Go big or gohome," why not pick up a 65-inch, 3-D plasma selling for a cool,500, give or take. Sooooo many choices: LCD? Plasma? LED-LCD?Whew!

The most memorable Super Bowl I ever saw was the aforementionedSuper Bowl III. Although the game was played in Florida, it wassnowing like crazy. Or possibly that was just the bad reception onthe itty-bitty screen of the old black and white, rabbit-eared TVat a college dorm in Colorado. We could just barely make out theplayers as we downed cold, cardboard-flavored pizza leftover fromthe night before. Yep. Now THAT was a Super Bowl!

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