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Mary Zanger: “Yes. All commuters such as train riders, drivers and carpoolers should be treated equally with the same cap that might increase, not decrease. After all pre-tax set-aside income for mass transit expense represents something to hard-working, middle-class Americans grinding out another day. But to the federal treasury it is a pittance. To fatten the federal pot Congress needs to tax bank executives, corporate CEOs, tax stock trading, eliminate subsidies to oil and gas, and plug loopholes that allow corporations like Exxon and General Electric to pay no taxes at all.”

Nants Foley: “I think it should be an incentive to keep people out of their individual cars and using mass transit whenever possible. I hope it works!”

Richard Place: “Typical government. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh especially if you have a job.”

Ruth Erickson: “It should be all or nothing at all. Either motorists and mass transit commuters all receive the deduction or no one should be able to deduct travel expenses to work.”

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