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tory burch caroline

Nants Foley: “I think the US should keep its nose out of this one. There is nothing good coming out of there, and we do not need to be embroiled in it.”

Marty Richman: “Yes, it is in our national interest to ensure the continued breakup of the old Soviet Union and the realignment of Eastern Europe takes place as peacefully as possible. The real question is not, shall we do anything, rather it is, what shall we do? The Ukraine, with a foot in both camps culturally, economically, and even militarily, is the most difficult situation to date.  They have a large ethnic Russian minority and they house the Russian Black Sea Fleet under a leasing agreement like we have with Cuba, only less contentious. The West should encourage the Ukraine and Russia to sign long-term agreements on strategic economic and defense issues so the Ukraine could work with the EU on day-to-day economics without threatening Russia. That would make the Ukraine the key East-West crossroads in a future Europe.” 

Richard Herrera: “Yes. Continue diplomacy but be willing to intervene or step up our efforts if needed and to protect innocent people.”

Richard Place: “No I don't but maybe we could send our Olympic medals back.”

Mary Zanger: “No. Let’s have a little perspective here. Putin Just had a glorious moment at his Winter Olympics. Most countries competed, gloried, and enjoyed friendly relationships. No one was an enemy. Paralleling was the fireworks of Ukraine exploding like the concluding Olympic display. Putin Panicked and sent in the troops to Crimea. There is no reason for us to panic also. Russia violated two treaties with Ukraine: one the naval base treat, the other the nuclear weapons exchange treat for sovereignty from Russia. Let the UN do its job. Let Putin Have his glory, then let him bring all his good feelings to the negotiation table. Patience would be a small price to pay for peace.”

Ruth Erickson “No we can’t save the whole world and I don’t think Russia should strong-arm Ukraine with the military. Parts of Ukraine speak Russian and identify with Russia while the rest of the country speaks Ukrainian and wants to be independent and be a part of the European Union. There are many countries that speak other languages in the countries in which they live, but they live in harmony and even if they wish to be independent, they don’t go to war. Countries such as Scotland and the United Kingdom, Catalonia and the Basque country of France and Spain, Quebec and Canada and others have their differences but agree to disagree! The Ukrainians that want to be a part of the European Union’s economy don’t wish to be in the confines of Russia. It is for them to decide, not for us to interfere!”

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