About Us

The Ahlis, is a brand that was set up by two Emarati sisters, Hessa and Noora Ahli, a brand that is simply inspired by vintage glamour and modern trends. our designs are simple yet sophisticated ,and will satisfy all your fashion cravings ! We Both took fashion courses at London collage of Fashion–which has given us the chance to learn more about Patterns, Colors, Branding as well as be acquainted on how to set up our own brand.

The idea behind The Ahli emerged as both of us were seeking to create clothes that fits our expectation, and designing has always been something we enjoyed doing and we also believe that ”knowing what to wear and what suits your body is very important” .We started by designing our own clothes and wearing them at events, weddings and gatherings, people showed massive positive response .
The idea soon emerged and soon we were  working on our first collection .As we are known to be THE AHLI SISTERS, between friends, we decided to name our brand THE AHLIS.
In January 2012, we launched our line on our website www.Theahlis.com , the response was thrilling , almost all  pieces  were sold out on the first week , we got orders not only from the region , but as well  from Europe and the state , we were very impressed  and created a 2nd collection .Many of Dubais Bloggers and fashion crowd were already seen wearing THE AHLI .

Our collections are inspired by seasons, if we are designing a winter collection we look at pattrens, cuts and colors that will match the seasons demands, we love skirt, flare pants, vintage designs, and feminine cuts that flatters women body. We also created a collection that is inspired by famous designers that we look up too , such as Dolce & Gabbanna, versace and Chanel .

We are now working on some exciting projects for The AHLIS and looking to sell our clothes in some of Dubais finest multi Brand stores, with the dream of opening a flag ship store as well as an online shopping to be available to everyone around the world.


  1. hi, love your website and all your clothes are sooo amazing .

    have you ever had fushia cakes ?
    www.fushia.ae you have to try them they are amazing and deleiver to dubai

  2. excuse me, where is ur boutique location?