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You've heard of it. It's where the Brooklyn Nets play now. They, of course, were once the New Jersey Nets and they were an American Basketball Association franchise. They are the franchise that once issued a uniform to Julius Erving who then went to medical school as a Net and became a practicing doctor.

You heard of him: it's Doctor J. My Dad was a doctoral student at U. Mass when the Doctor was making house calls and he saw the legend play there as a member of the University of Massachusetts Minutemen.

The place I speak of is the Barclay's Center. It's a multi-purpose event center which can accomodate basketball teams as well as rock n roll bands.

Virginia Commonwealth University played a college basketball game there in December 2013 against Boston College. This is the site of the Atlantic 10 Conference men's basketball tournament in March of 2014. The A-10 played their season's ending tournament for the first time there last March 2013.

The Barclay's Center is a beautiful building from a distance. It shines with the glow of strategically placed lighting that enhances its artsy and modern profile. The sight of the building is energy-producing. The very building itself inspires the action inside.

The action inside is often NBA basketball. With 41 regular season games, a handful of pre-season games and, hopefully, a bunch of playoff dates Brooklyn is buzzing with all that professional hoops energy.

When the Atlantic 10 Conference comes to Brooklyn later this Winter--in the dying big chill of the polar vortex--it will be, perhaps, the most exciting venue some players have ever played in. The freshman and junior college transfers will never forget it. The other players in the A-10 experienced it last year.

The Big Apple doesn't have a worm in it. When you go to the Barclay's Center you'll know you're already the king of the hill and at the top of the mountain.

This is the Big Apple because there aren't any worms in this treat.

You're thinking of the Bug Apple.

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