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A warm fleece hat in the winter is a fun hat to wear for kids especially if they are designed from their favorite animal.

Animal hats made from fleece are easy to sew and come in many styles that can be worn as costumes or for everyday use. Animal fleece hats include bears, cats, dogs, and even a few monsters.

Use your favorite polyester fleece or soft fleece fabric in your child’s favorite colors and make a few for their friends or to give as gifts. Here are a few of our favorite fleece hat patterns to make for the winter.

Free Patterns

Sew a Fleece Monster Hat – Kids will enjoy wearing this silly monster hat at home and to school.

Quick and Easy Child’s Fleece hat and Scarf – This pattern will provide you with the basics and then get creative and make it into a unique hat using your imagination.

15 Free Fleece Hat Patterns – From no-sew hats to animal fleece hats a list of 15 free patterns.

Free Fleece animal hat patterns – These cute patterns have a complete tutorial on how to make the hats.

Panda Fleece hat – Easy to make Panda hat

Download Patterns and Books

Fleece Animal Hats #1 – Easy to sew fleece hats to create using fleece fabric for sizes newborn to 8. Pattern for bunny, cow, cat and bear hats.

Fleece Animal Hats Sewing Patterns - Complete instructions and sewing patterns for fleece hats featuring a chicken, bug, dinosaur and pom-pom top.

Fleece Hat Friends: 25+ Easy-to-Sew Projects - Cartoon-eyed owls, cuddly spiders, even a monkey hat with an accompanying monkey-tail design sweatshirt and more designs.

Free Hat Sewing Patterns – A wide variety of hat sewing patterns to download including a black cat fleece hat project.

Free Sewing Patterns – Check out all of the free sewing patterns available on this site.

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